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Lavish Homes

They are the lavish homes and historic townhouses that inspire awe and grace the pages of glossy magazines. They are visions in stone and steel, glass and exotic woods, brought to us by distinguished architects and designers.

They are an elite collection of the world’s legendary homes, and they only exist because there is a certain type of builder – a builder with an ingeniousness of craft, an uncompromising vision of perfection, and a near obsession with detail.

Such a builder is Xhema, hailed by Town & Country as one of the seven best builders of luxury homes in America. For over forty years, opulent residences and historically restored townhouses in New York and Connecticut bear witness to the zeal and meticulous craftsmanship of Xhema construction.

To the flawless execution of architectural designs, Xhema brings a total suite of construction services, a fully-integrated, permanently-staffed, all-inclusive building company that assures perfection from breaking ground to the final detail.

Because, as the architect Mies van der Rohe said, “God is in the details.”

City Portfolio


You are looking at 834 Fifth Avenue, arguably the most prestigious address in Manhattan. Xhema's portfolio of extraordinary New York City residences includes four separate floors in this exclusive building. View Projects from the Manhattan Portfolio

Country Portfolio


From the Hamptons to Westchester, New Jersey to Connecticut, Xhema has built estates for over forty years on a single premise: no estate is too big and no detail too small for perfection. View Projects from the Tri-State Area Portfolio


To build beyond compromise. Sometimes it means being in the business of the impossible.

A lavish indoor swimming pool created below sea level in Greenwich. A 25-car subterranean garage hidden ingeniously beneath a tree-lined drive, accessible only by a hidden entrance. An astonishing “Transforming Art Wall” with 24 computer-controlled positions, displaying a changeable rotation of paintings and sculptures. A South Hampton mansion doubling in size on an unprecedented timetable between Labor Day and Memorial Day. A team of Italian painters moved to Greenwich for two years to create murals and gilding worthy of Michelangelo for a re-built chateau. A house on the coast where the floor-to-ceiling windows, crafted from 3-inch thick hurricane grade glass, stretches up to an astonishing nineteen feet. And historic restorations mandating global hunts for rare antique trim, moss-covered roof tiles, historically accurate stone, exotic woods and one-of-a-kind ornamental plastering.

Sometimes building beyond compromise means having two large woodworking mills and the region’s finest finishing company situated within our own company. It means an army of craftspeople on staff – plasterers, painters, carpenters and stone masons many of whom learned their trades with European masters. Nine house detailers who can create a breathtaking period environment from a single reference photograph. And specialists in drafting, engineering and integrated computer control systems on permanent staff.

Mostly, to build beyond compromise means no estate is too big and no detail is too small to receive Xhema perfection.

In The Press

It is rare that a builder receives accolades and reviews normally reserved for artists and entertainers. But Xhema is a rare and unique resource for those who build at the pinnacle of construction. Here you will find a sampling of press coverage for our firm’s work.

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